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10 GIFs of the New Footage From the International Star Wars Trailer

Photo: Lucasfilm

We thought we’d seen the last of new footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with the release of the film’s official trailer last month. But just like Admiral Ackbar, we thought wrong. This morning brought the new international trailer for the film, which is made up almost entirely of previously unseen material. What did we learn? Here’s a guide, with GIFs!

We begin with this shot, which just gave every film nerd in your life a composition-gasm.

Here we see BB-8 as he was meant to be seen: accompanied by Japanese subtitles.

You’d better believe he’s ready for his close-up.

Please welcome special guest-director Terrence Malick for this shot. (If you’re curious how TIE Fighters can fly in a planet’s atmosphere, click here.)

Stormtroopers: still bad guys.

Ho, ho, ho! Another hilarious faux pas from C-3PO, I’m sure.

There are good explosions and bad explosions. This appears to be one of the bad ones.

Dang, look at those X-Wings!

That roar means “Only I am allowed to press this button” in Wookie.

On the villainy scale, this is one step away from Kylo tying Ren to some railroad tracks.

I’ve got a bad feeling about GIF!

10 GIFs From the International Star Wars Trailer