5 Never-Before-Seen Photos of David Bowie by His Legendary Collaborator, Masayoshi Sukita

For40 years, photographer Masayoshi Sukita has worked as David Bowie’s unofficial portraitist, following — and, arguably, shaping — Bowie’s image as he metamorphosed from glam-rock icon to Thin White Duke to austere Berliner. But though Sukita’s Heroes cover can be seen in every record store in America, he’s never had a U.S. show — until Friday, when the Morrison Hotel Gallery opens its exhibit of Sukita’s photographs of the man who fell to Earth. The gallery was kind enough to give Vulture an exclusive look at five never-before-published photos from the collection, which is open until November 30. Go and see them, just for one day.

“Time May Change Me,” 1972. Photo: © MASAYOSHI SUKITA, 1983
“Hang onto Yourself,” 1973. Photo: © MASAYOSHI SUKITA, 1973
“Loves to Be Loved,” 1973. Photo: © MASAYOSHI SUKITA, 1973
“Just for One Day,” 1977. Photo: © MASAYOSHI SUKITA, 1973
“Major Jack Cellier’s in Tokyo,” 1983. Photo: © MASAYOSHI SUKITA, 1972
5 Never-Before-Seen Sukita Photos of David Bowie