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89-Year-Old Man Tries Stand-up for the First Time, Crushes It

Chuck Esterly is your average 89-year-old American grandpa. He lives in Cincinnati, loves talking about his wife, and hits up the local Sycamore Senior Center in his free time to stay active. But in classic senior-ennui fashion, he yearned, craved, for something more. So when a Stand-up 101 comedy class was offered at the center, he was quick to sign up for it, and soon enough he was performing his risqué routine on stage at the Go Bananas Comedy Club last month. And guess what? It’s funny, and his cool, calm, and collected composure is impressive for a first-timer, regardless of age. (Regardless of whether or not he wrote the jokes himself?Comedy doesn’t falter with age, ladies and gents.

89-Year-Old Man Crushes His First Stand-up Set