Adele Doesn’t Care About Your Brand; Her Brand Is Adele

British singer Adele performs the song
What’s a brand anyway? Photo: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Corbis

It’s an unwritten law of celebrity that you’ll eventually become the face of somebody’s brand: Beyoncé has Pepsi, Matthew McConaughey (or is it Rust Cohle?) has Lincoln, and Kim Kardashian has everything. Adele, however, doesn’t care about your brand. In a new interview with the New York Times, she explains:

“If I wanted to just be famous, like be a celebrity, then I wouldn’t do music, because everything else I’ve been offered would probably make me more famous than I am just with my music. Commercials, being the face of brands, nail varnishes, shoes, bags, fashion lines, beauty ranges, hair products, being in movies, being the face of a car, designing watches, food ranges, buildings, airlines, book deals. I’ve been offered everything. And I don’t want to water myself down. I want to do one thing. I want to make something. I don’t want to be the face of anything.”

And she’s not bluffing: In 2013, Adele reportedly turned down a $19 million deal with L’Oréal (hello #eyelinergoals), and is even rumored to have said no to collaborating with Queen Bey. (That’s probably not true, but imagine.) If she ever changes her mind though, she might want to consider endorsing Drizzy Tearz, a new mobile game that begs you to help Drake stop crying. Why? “I just used to let myself drown,” Adele says of not wanting to relive the heartache of 21. “If I was sad, if I was confused — which I would say were the running themes for most of my records so far — I’d just go with it. I’d let myself fall apart, and I’d sit in darkness, and I’d feel sorry for myself.” Really, if there’s any brand Adele should support, it’s an app for wiping away Drake’s tears. Or, you know, Kleenex.

Adele Doesn’t Care About Your Brand