Adele Impersonates Harry Potter. Also, She’s Going On Tour for the First Time in Four Years.

“Hello, it’s me, Adele,” says the record-smashing British superstar singer before bursting into laughter. “I can’t even say that anymore.” She has a good reason to be excited: Turns out Adele has been “bluffing” us this whole time, and she actually is going on tour (“of course“), and she can’t wait to see all of us there. On a video posted to her Facebook, Adele announces her upcoming 2016 tour and impersonates Harry Potter, pointing a wand at all the countries she’s going to on her tour to the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, and Holland. You can go to her site and register for advance ticket sales.

Go to http://live.adele.com for details

Posted by Adele on Thursday, November 26, 2015
Adele Imitates Harry Potter, Is Going On Tour