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Adele’s People Won’t Let Her Drunk-Tweet Anymore; She Should Get New People

You might think that Adele’s not all that tech savvy, thanks to the flip phone that stole the show in her “Hello” video. But she actually used to love drunk-tweeting just as much as every other 20-something before the entire world knew who she was — so much so that her management decided that before she “put her foot in it,” they’d have to take away her tweeting privileges. So now, as she explained to a fan on an upcoming BBC special, all those tweets you see from her have been approved by her people first. And don’t even bother trying to unearth her probably hilarious drunk tweets, because her Twitter history now only goes back to September 2010. Womp. In addition to sharing that gem of a story, Adele will also perform “Hello” live for the first time on the special, which airs November 20. Watch a preview of that and her fan Q&A above.

Adele Isn’t Allowed to Drunk-Tweet Anymore