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Adele Says She’ll ‘Probably’ Stream 25 One Day, But Until Then, She’ll Just Keep Performing All of Its Songs

Everyone on Earth has purchased Adele’s record-shattering new album (even Joey Fatone!), but because you’re anti–pop elitism or just plain cheap, you may have resisted buying it. It’s okay, Adele feels your pain. This morning she told the Today show that after withholding 25 from streaming, she’ll most likely allow it eventually: “Yeah, probably. I’m certainly not one for spicing things up. I’m just doing what I’ve always done. And ‘Hello’ is on [streaming] because it’s on radio, it’s out there.” She’s already made a step in that direction by putting the album on Pandora, but until it hits other streaming sites, she’ll just continue quenching your Adele thirst and keep on performing all the songs you maybe haven’t heard yet. (She debuted “Water Under the Bridge” on Fallon the other night.) Here she is, once again, singing the devastating “Million Years Ago” so you all have something to be thankful for.

Adele Says She’ll ‘Probably’ Stream 25 One Day