Now Adele Is Making Thanksgiving Football More Fun

The second match-up of the NFL’s three-game Thanksgiving slate was already likely to be the best tilt of the day: The undefeated Panthers are in Dallas to face America’s Team, the Cowboys, whose rapidly unraveling season was given a new lease on life, sort of, by the return last week of quarterback Tony Romo from a broken left clavicle. The combination of perfect record and comeback narrative makes that a far better game than the festival of irrelevance between the Eagles and Lions at 12:30, and arguably a more interesting one than the Packers-Bears match-up at 8:30 — at least in terms of on-field action.

When you factor in off-field activity, however, the Panthers ran away with the day. The video above is by Carolina running back Jonathan Stewart, and features him with teammates Luke Kuechly, Fozzy Whittaker, Ben Jacobs, and Greg Olsen doing their best Adele. (Noticeably absent is team showman, quarterback Cam Newton, who is a proven, if not controversial, entertainer.) For anyone without a horse in today’s NFL race, or with no desire to have a horse in any NFL race, say hello to your holiday rooting interest.

Now Adele’s Made Thanksgiving Football More Fun