Adele Performs ‘Million Years Ago’ and ‘Hometown Glory’ in BBC Special

For someone who is 27, Adele is awfully sensitive to the passage of time. That was the focus, in large part, of Adele at the BBC, a special with Graham Norton, that aired on Friday in the U.K. Over the course of the special, Norton and Adele discussed everything from her child to her recent album, but the focus was on the singer’s past, and her connection to London, which Adele evinced through her choice of music. First, she performed 25’s “A Million Years Ago,” which she described as a story about the part of South London where she grew up, and then “Hometown Glory,” her debut single from 19, which she wrote when she was 16. If you make music like this for 11 years straight, maybe time does flow differently.

Adele also performed on Saturday Night Live last night, in case you weren’t already aware of her ubiquity.

Adele Performs Old and New Music for the BBC