Adnan From ‘Serial’ Is Getting a New Hearing, Where Asia Will Finally Testify

The hearing will also provide journalists with a more recent photo of Adnan Syed.

“Serial” fan theories will finally have their day in court: On Friday, the state of Maryland granted Adnan Syed’s motion to reopen post-conviction proceedings in his 2000 conviction for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. As the podcast showed, potential alibi witness Asia McClain claimed she was never called to testify by Syed’s attorney; earlier this year, she filed an affidavit saying her testimony was later suppressed by prosecutor Kevin Urich during the appeals process. Today’s decision granted a hearing for McClain to finally testify in Syed’s defense and be cross-examined. The hearing will also explore the cell-tower evidence used to convict Syed, which his lawyer says is less reliable than the court was led to believe.

Adnan From ‘Serial’ Is Getting a New Hearing