The Affair’s Sarah Treem Loves the Elena Ferrante Novels Too

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Book club! Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Affair was fractured into even more perspectives this season, and while the obvious guiding influence of the show is Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, showrunner Sarah Treem also cited the Neopolitan novels by Elena Ferrante as a lodestar. “I’ve been particularly influenced this year by the Elena Ferrante novels, the Neapolitan cycle,” Treem told the New York Times. “What I think is really fascinating about those novels is you’re highly aware as you’re reading them that you’re seeing the stories through the P.O.V. of Lenu, and that Lila has her own story that you’re kind of privy to, but also not. You become aware as you go further in the novels that Lenu’s perspective is deeply biased and heavily influenced by her insecurities. That’s always been the idea behind this kind of storytelling. That it’s not objective, and we don’t remember our lives as linear narratives. We remember pieces. We remember images.” Winter book club, anyone? 

The Affair’s Sarah Treem Loves Ferrante Novels