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Allison Williams’s Film Debut Will Come in Jordan Peele’s Horror Movie About Race

This should be fun. Photo: Corbis

More great news for Allison Williams: She’ll finally make her film debut in Jordan Peele’s first horror film. Deadline reports that Williams has been tapped to star in Peele’s Get Out, a horror film about race written and directed by the Key & Peele star. She’ll play the white girlfriend of an African-American man (hopefully played by Peele) as the couple visits her family’s estate. While that’s all the plot details we know so far, Peele told Playboy last year that it’s long been a passion project of his to make a movie about “the fears of being a black man today” within the horror genre, something he doesn’t believe has been done since 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. Besides this project, Peele and Keegan-Michael Key also announced that they’re teaming up with Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick for a stop-motion comedy about two demon brothers who battle a nun. Because after the success of Key & Peele, they can pretty much do whatever the hell they please.

Allison Williams to Star in Peele’s Horror Film