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No, Andrew Rannells Won’t Get You a House Ticket to See Hamilton

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If the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is true, then there are a slew of New Yorkers right now banking on the fact that they “knew” Andrew Rannells way back in middle school. The Book of Mormon actor took over for Jonathan Groff as King George in the hottest ticket on Broadway, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton (Groff is currently shooting the Looking wrap-up movie for HBO). “I’m only in it for two more weeks,” Rannells told Vulture at the premiere of Carol, hosted by Chanel. “I’m so sad to be leaving, and I’m so excited to be there.” But what won’t he miss? “I will not miss people reaching out to me for tickets, though. It’s like everybody and their mother is like, ‘Hey, ‘member be? I went to eighth grade with you. Can you get me house seats to Hamilton?’ No, I can’t. I’m not helping you.”

As for an update on the upcoming fifth season of Girls, he was a little more forthcoming, saying that his character Elijah would be getting into a “real relationship.” “I can say that we all sort of get to grow up a little bit this season, or pretend to a little bit. Like, this is the biggest swing we’re all taking at adulthood,” said Rannells. “So, Elijah actually gets to have a version of a real relationship, which is very exciting. That was the biggest attempt at, like, ‘We’re all going to be grown-ups this year!’ It’s a lot of fun.”

Andrew Rannells on Hamilton Tickets and Girls