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Angry Christian Mom Yells at Katy Perry’s Dad for His ‘Satanic’ Daughter

This video is like a YouTube comment thread come to life. It all starts off sweetly: A lady comes up to Katy Perry’s father, Keith Hudson, and says, “Mr. and Mrs. Hudson! You’re the daughter of Katy Perry [sic].” But with that confirmation, she’s off! “She is a satanic woman who has led millions to hell.” She especially hates that “E.T.” video where Katy Perry “has sex with demons [sic].*” Hudson meanwhile, is pretty chill about the whole thing. He’s one of those “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” Christians, but she’s one of those Old Testament types who is all, “Oh, I’m gonna cast stones! All the stones!

*Okay, now this is where we’re going to have to step in. Having watched “E.T.” many times, we can say that (a) Katy Perry is clearly an alien, (b) She’s the one who kisses a robot, who then turns into Shaun Ross, a black albino model. So, however you hack it, it’s really alien-robot sex, or alien-human sex, which starts to make her objection seem a little racist?

Angry Christian Mom Berates Katy Perry’s Dad