Ben Carson Defends His Street Cred

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It seems like every week there is a new ridiculous faux pas to delight in. This week? Dr. Carson apparently bragged about stabbing…one of his relatives. No joke.

But that’s only the half of it. In addition to the whole stabbing thing, Carson also recently released a rap song about his candidacy – which includes a hilarious spoken word/rap hybrid that simply does not belong over a hip hop beat. But as Trevor Noah aptly points out, there seems to be a larger theme here: it looks like Ben Carson is trying to prove his street cred.

“Ben Carson has spent his life trying telling everyone how hard he used to be,” Noah says. True Ben Carson facts include:

  • “As a teenager, I used to go after kids with rocks and bricks and baseball bats and hammers…”
  • Ben Carson once punched another teenager with a lock in his hand.
  • At age 14 Carson tried to stab another teenager “in the abdomen” but luckily the blade broke on the kid’s belt buckle.
  • That’s pretty wild stuff. But the best part is knowing that every time Ben Carson shows up on The Daily Show, we know Trevor Noah is going to break out his trusty Ben Carson impression. Watch the video above for the whole scoop.

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    PS Have you noticed the way Trevor Noah pronounces the word “controversy.” Con-TRAH-versy. It’s just great.

    Ben Carson Defends His Street Cred