Bob Odenkirk’s Movie ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ Is Headed to Netflix Next Year

Not long after debuting W/ Bob & David, Netflix has a new project by Bob Odenkirk in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will release Bob Odenkirk’s noir comedy Girlfriend’s Day, which centers on Odenkirk as “a down-on-his-luck greeting card writer who attempts to clear his name after he’s framed for murder.” Odenkirk wrote the film with Philip Zlotorynski and W/ Bob & David/Mr. Show writer Eric Hoffman, and Amber Tamblyn also stars as a “femme fatale.” An exact premiere date hasn’t been announced, but the film will be available on Netfix sometime next year.

Bob Odenkirk’s Movie ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ Is Headed to […]