Busta Rhymes Pleads Guilty to Throwing Protein Shake at Gym Employee

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Busted! Photo: Terrence Jennings/Retna Ltd./Corbis

Busta Rhymes has pled guilty to harassment for an August altercation in which he allegedly threw a bottle of Muscle Milk at an employee of Steel Gym in Manhattan, the New York Times reports. Police originally sought felony assault charges against the rapper for the incident, but Rhymes was able to plead the charge down to a violation, which will not go on his criminal record. ”The criminal charges, especially charging him with a felony, was a bunch of bull,” his lawyer, Scott Leemon, told reporters afterwards. As part of the deal, Rhymes promised to attend anger-management therapy, and has reportedly completed three sessions already.

Busta Rhymes Pled Guilty to Throwing Muscle Milk