Carrie Brownstein Officiated an Impromptu Wedding While Amy Poehler Played ‘Greensleeves’

Carrie Brownstein is on a book tour for her memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, and she made a stop at the Central Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California, with her friend Amy Poehler. Then, two fans asked Brownstein if she would marry them (Yes, she can do that. Carrie Brownstein can do anything!) right then and there. She does it, and has some pretty sweet things to say. “All of us here are rooting for you,” she said. “We root for the two of you to make each other feel the biggest, strongest, most special you ever felt.” And then Amy Poehler played “Greensleeves” on the piano. (Yes, she can do that. Amy Poehler can do anything!) Love wins!

Carrie Brownstein & Poehler Officiated a Wedding