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Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix Are Getting the I’m Still Here Band Back Together

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The bad boys of Hollywood. Photo: Images

Brothers-in-law and mockumentary collaborators Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck have cooked up another delightful scheme together: THR reports the duo is developing an adaptation of Robert Olmstead’s Western novel Far Bright Star, which tells the story of a failed hunt for Pancho Villa* in 1916. Affleck will direct the film — his first since I’m Still Here — while Phoenix will star as a soldier wandering the desert after the mission goes awry. (Consider it a Gerry prequel.) We’d like to say there won’t be any rapping this time, but with these two, who knows for sure?

* This post originally stated the mission was to find Sancho Panza, who is a completely different, and also fictional, person. Vulture regrets the error.

Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix Making Western