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Cecily Strong on SNL’s Paris Tribute: ‘It Was All Lorne’s Idea’

Urban Arts Partnership At The 15th Annual The 24 Hour Plays On Broadway - After Party Sponsored By Svedka
Cecily Strong. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Saturday Night Live started its last show on a somber note after the attacks in Paris, with cast member Cecily Strong delivering a brief but poignant tribute to the city in both English and French. “They knew that I spoke French, and Paris is a city that I really love, and it’s always been important to me,” Strong told Vulture Monday night at the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, a benefit for Urban Arts Partnership. She then explained how she ended up center stage delivering her stirring tribute in both English and impeccable French.

“It was all Lorne’s idea,” said Strong. She said that at first, she didn’t want to “go near it,” but then she felt she had to do something to show her support. “I was sort of wandering around, wanting to do something. I was like, ‘How can I find a T-shirt or something?’” she said. But a simple message did a lot more than a T-shirt ever could have, Strong added: “I was really honored to even have that opportunity. It meant a lot to me.”

Cecily Strong on SNL’s Paris Tribute