Chance the Rapper Collabs With Little Brother; Thanksgiving Will Be Cute As Hell This Year

Photo: Taylor Bennett Tunes

Siblings everywhere: Get jealous. Taylor Bennett, aka Chance the Rapper’s little brother, tends to work solo, but today he has released the title track from his third album, Broad Shoulders, a collaboration with his big bro. Bennett said:

My thing with my brother is that he always wanted me to work on myself and create my own name before we got to work together. He always knew that I was great enough to get a fanbase and sell out shows and get a lot of views. It’s a very meaningful song to our family and our next generation. Chance is now a father, and in the third verse, I speak about my niece — his daughter — so it’s a really emotional and compassionate song.

This song is the cutest thing to happen to the world since … well, since that photo of the little tykes was taken. You can practically see the future sibling collaboration in their adorable little baby eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, you may continue to burst with pride.

Chance the Rapper & Little Brother Release Song