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Charlie Sheen Is Set to Reveal He’s HIV Positive on the Today Show

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

TMZ reports that actor Charlie Sheen will be sitting down with Matt Lauer Tuesday morning on the Today show to make the announcement that he is HIV-positive. The Today show tweeted that it would be “a live revealing interview.” Last week, the British tabloid The Sun had an extensive blind item reporting that a “womanizing” A-list actor was bracing himself for possible legal action from the women he has had sex with. Apparently, Sheen had known about his status for years, and it has become common knowledge in Hollywood. For instance, his HIV status was also referenced during the Sony leak, when Steve Mosko, the chairman of Sony Pictures Television, wrote, “I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this … it’s hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year.”

Charlie Sheen to Reveal He’s HIV-Positive