Check Out the Short Film ‘Limbo’ Starring Jon Benjamin and Natasha Leggero

The story behind this new (NSFW!) short film Limbo starring Jon Benjamin is an interesting one: It started out as a story posted on r/WritingPrompts by a writer named Adam Spielman (check out the original post here), which eventually turned into a Kickstarter campaign by filmmakers Fangso Liu and Haines Landry to turn into a short film. Limbo premiered at the Florida Film Festival earlier this year, but it wasn’t available online until yesterday. Jon Benjamin – who is filming a pilot presentation for IFC this week – stars as a man who dies and wakes up in a land of endless pizza, beer, and girls, and Natasha Leggero also shows up as the mysterious land’s leader, Lucy. Check out the full short above.

Check Out the Short Film ‘Limbo’ Starring Jon Benjamin […]