Chris Hemsworth Tried a ‘Lost at Sea’ Diet and Now He Looks Like Tom Hanks in Cast Away

In Ron Howard’s upcoming film In the Heart of the Sea, based on the true story that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby-Dick; or, the Whale, Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. Thor, plays a sailor who becomes lost at sea and consequently grows skinny and bearded, as stranded sailors tend to do. Hemsworth shared a picture of his swarthy new look on Instagram, joking that he tried a “Lost at Sea” diet. Now he looks like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, which earned Hanks a Best Actor nomination. While we appreciate Hemsworth’s dedication, we kinda hope he gets hunky again soon. #TeamThor

And for the sake of comparison, here’s Hemsworth being sexy.

Chris Hemsworth Tried a ‘Lost at Sea’ Diet