Christina Aguilera Would Turn Her Chair for Gwen and Blake’s Relationship

Christina Aguilera Raises Awareness About Domestic Violence With Verizon's HopeLine Program
Approving smize. Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

After the Cloud allowed Gwen Stefani to see Gavin Rossdale for the cliché that he is, she has since gotten together with fellow The Voice coach, Blake Shelton. Moreover, they’ve gotten the approval of their co-worker Christina Aguilera! “I do know what it’s like to go through a divorce myself, and it’s tough!” Christina Aguilera said to Perez Hilton. Christina said that she’s known Gwen for “a really long time” and that they go to each other’s kids’ birthday parties. She continued, apparently shouting, “I keep telling them both to stay strong and have fun! Divorce and life is hard enough! If you find someone who makes you happy, you gotta go for it. So they deserve it and they deserve to be happy!” With such excitement, it’s as though she were on a game show where you press a button and spin around in a massive red chair when you hear something you like.

Christina Approves of Gwen and Blake Dating