Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers Hilariously Dissect Donald Trump’s New Jersey 9/11 Cheerers Lie

Like fistfighting one of those floppy air-dancer balloons that wave around in front of car dealerships, it’s hard to land a satisfying blow against Donald Trump’s logic. Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers both took on Trump’s claim that he saw a video of “thousands and thousands of people” in the U.S. who “were cheering as the towers came down” on 9/11, even “holding tailgates” to celebrate. Colbert wonders, is Trump’s ability to see something that never happened due to actual superpowers?! The skill to see into the present? The capacity to plow through anyone who points out his constant use of misinformation? The power to drag out a presidential run to the point where it starts to seem possible that he will actually get the Republican candidacy?

In addition to his memories of 9/11, Meyers digs into Trump’s citation of false crime statistics. Hoo boy. Well, at least if he gets elected, we’ll get a lot of great late-night bits about it.

Colbert and Meyers Take On Trump’s False Claims