Police Officer Learns the Hard Way That You Cannot Scream ‘Let the Killing Begin!’ While On Duty (or Ever)

There are a lot of careers that could easily be ruined should the world happen to see a video of you screaming, “Let the killing begin!” For example, day-care employee, dog walker, or ferryboat captain. Pretty much every career, actually, unless you work in a slaughterhouse, and even then your co-workers are going to be like, “Ugh, this guy.” Officer Andrew Ricks of Sanford, Florida, learned this lesson the hard way when he sang the above line with death-metal band Vital Remains while on duty and in uniform. As he probably assumed immediately after leaving the stage, Ricks was subsequently let go. You can watch the performance of the song, entitled “Dechristianize,” above. It’s not a great look. Hey, at least “death metal lead singer” is definitely still on the job board.

Cop Gets Fired After Singing Death Metal On Duty