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Daniel Craig Clarifies That He Does Not Actually Hate James Bond

How could you hate a job where you get to wear a dope sweater like this? Photo: MGM

Daniel Craig does not hate playing James Bond, please believe him! Last month, Craig caused a stir when he joked that he would rather commit suicide than play Britain’s most famous secret agent one more time. Which is fine; it does look exhausting. (All that parkour can’t be easy on the knees.) But now, after what we’re sure was a mind-numbing media-training session, Craig went on Today to set the record straight. “If you’re 200 yards from the end of a marathon and someone comes running up to you and says, ‘Are you going to run another marathon?’ there’s two words you use, and not on a morning show,” he told Matt Lauer. “So that’s what that was about.” Craig emphasized that the Spectre set wasn’t all torture. ”I’ve had massive amounts of fun making this film. Probably more fun on this film than I have on all the others put together,” he added, without blinking any secret messages in Morse code.

Daniel Craig: I Do Not Hate Playing James Bond