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Fans Shoot First in This Cantina Bar Replica at a British Star Wars Convention

Photo: Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to throw back a few blue milks, shoot the breeze with some intergalactic bounty hunters, or chop off an Aqualish’s arm — yeah, we’ll bet you have — then we have good news: You actually can do that now (except for the arm-chopping thing; that’s not allowed). A fan-made replica of the Chalmun’s Cantina bar has been erected at For the Love of The Force, a Manchester, England–based fan convention. They turned an exhibition center in Trafford Park into a variety of locales from the Star Wars universe, including the swampy Dagobah and that Ewok village everyone hates. But the Cantina was easily the most-hyped emulation, with its array of cute Star Wars-derived drinks, including Bantha Milk. Just don’t try to tell anyone Greedo shot first, cause they may actually literally kill you.

Thank you to all that visited the Cantina bar yesterday for a pint of Blue Milk....great costumes and great people.....all there for one thing.....the love of Star Wars.

Posted by For the Love of the Force - An Independent Star Wars Fan Convention on Friday, November 20, 2015
Fans Shoot First in This Cantina Bar Replica