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First Look at Sarah Jessica Parker in Divorce, Which Looks Like SATC! Or Maybe Just Real Life! Either Way, Cute Dress!

It has been over a decade (!!) since the final episode of Sex and the City aired, but Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO with her divorce comedy, Divorce. According to the logline, Parker plays Frances, a woman who enters into a slow-burning divorce with her (future) ex-husband played by Thomas Haden Church in — you guessed right! — New York City, where the drinks are strong and the rats are stronger. Here’s the first look at SJP from the set, which basically looks like she could be shooting Sex and the City 3 — or walking down the street in real life! Either way, it’s good to see that Carrie Bradshaw’s divorced alter-ego still brings a strong coat game. Can we borrow it?

We can hear the voice-over now. Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO
First Look at Sarah Jessica Parker in Divorce