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George Lucas Is Pretty Much the Dowager Countess of the Star Wars Franchise Now

Much like an aristocrat who has passed off the title of his estate to a younger relative, George Lucas is really only here for the snark at this point. In a video for Vanity Fair, the former Star Wars director gave advice to J.J. Abrams as he sets off on The Force Awakens, not that there’s much that Abrams could change a month away from that film’s release. Lucas wants to make sure the Force “doesn’t get muddled into garblygook” (as if he didn’t invent midi-chlorians), asks Abrams bothersome questions about Darth Vader’s grandkids, and then says, of all the Star Wars characters, he’d like to be Jar Jar Binks. Well played, Dowager Countess Lucas. Well played.

George Lucas Is Star Wars’s Snarky Grandpa Now