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Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban Destroy This Phantom of the Opera Ballad in Front of World’s Most Intense Audience

We know well by now that Kelly Clarkson is the reigning queen of covers, so when Josh Groban unexpectedly brought her onstage to perform the beautiful Phantom of the Opera ballad “All I Ask of You” during a recent performance for PBS, it was going to be nothing short of excellent. (Well, it doesn’t come as a complete shock, since the powerhouse duo previously recorded the song together for Groban’s Stages Broadway musicals cover album, but still! What a treat!) If you can’t shell out $50 to see Phantom live at the Majestic Theatre, this is an easy — if not better — substitute. But seriously, who do we have to bribe around here to get Clarkson on Broadway?

Groban and Clarkson Cover ‘All I Ask of You’