Hamilton Cast Was Blown Away the First Time They Heard ‘Wait for It,’ Just Like You

Remember when you first listened to the Hamilton cast recording? I’m sure you do. You were hooked by the opening, pumped up by “My Shot,” smiling widely at “You’ll Be Back,” tearing up at “Satisfied.” But then you didn’t know that still coming – wait for it — was “Wait For It,” arguably the showstopper in a first act filled with showstoppers. Apparently, you weren’t the only one blown away when you first heard the recording: The Hamilton cast’s with you. In an outtake from last night’s 60 Minutes, they show the recording of the song, cutting between the incomparable Leslie Odom Jr. and a completely enraptured cast. You can watch the whole 15-minute look at the cast recording below (“Wait For It” around 2:50):

While you’re at it, watch the 60 Minutes segment that actually aired. Nowhere else will you get so many close-up looks at what the show looks like.

Here is a tour of the backstage:

Hamilton Cast Blown Away by ‘Wait for It’