Hannibal Buress on His Comedy Central Show: ‘I Don’t Think I’ll Be Doing It Again’

Since Hannibal Buress’s show Why? ended its debut season run on Comedy Central in August, the network hasn’t given any indication about whether or not it would return for another season. The New York Post recently spoke with Buress and asked about the show’s status, and he offered up this less than optimistic update:

Is your Comedy Central show Why? coming back for a second season? If I had to guess, I probably wouldn’t be doing that again. I’m looking at some other TV opportunities right now. It was definitely some good moments, it definitely got better as the season flowed along, it got more comfortable. It wasn’t the ideal format for me. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

Maybe Comedy Central will give Unemployable another shot?

Hannibal Buress on His Comedy Central Show: ‘I Don’t […]