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HBO CEO Says Lena Dunham Calls the Shots on When Girls Ends

Lena Dunham, artist, and Richard Plepler, patron. Photo: Getty Images

Lena Dunham has said that she’s planned out the narrative for her HBO show Girls to wrap up in season six, which would air around the time she’s 30. But is the network willing to let go of Dunham so easily? “I am leaving this decision up to the artist, because [Lena] has an arc in mind of how she wants to continue with the show and eventually finish telling her story,” HBO CEO Richard Plepler told Vulture at the roast of Vice’s Shane Smith. “She will make that determination. We love her. More importantly, I really do trust her voice and her instincts. So, however she wants to proceed and close her story, it’s her decision.”

HBO CEO: Lena Dunham Will Say When Girls Ends