Amy Heckerling Wants Katy Perry for the Clueless Musical

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Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

“We have another reading, and then hopefully workshops,” Clueless writer Amy Heckerling told Vulture last night at the Louis Vuitton premiere of Shelter at the Whitney Museum. So far, the musical is coming together: Rock of Ages’s Kristin Hanggi is set to direct; there’s a working book of the musical; and producers are holding reads with actors from Once, Gigi, and Bring It On. But there’s still no news of who will play leading betty, Cher. Heckerling is holding out hope for Katy Perry, who has said that she’s interested.

“I love Katy Perry,” Hecklerling says, “But you never know what will happen, she has a whole big schedule. It was like I love it, I wish I could do it.

Either way, Heckerling expects Clueless fans will be pleased with the musical numbers. “I don’t think you will go, ‘Oh, it’s just karaoke to the movie, or it is an entirely different animal.’ It is true to the movie, but it sings, hopefully.”    

So when can we expect it? “I hope in 2016,” Heckerling says. “If it were up to me it would be tomorrow.”

Heckerling Wants Katy Perry for Clueless Musical