Heidi Klum As Jessica Rabbit Wins Halloween (But These Celebrities Didn’t Do So Bad Either)

Celebrities: They’re obsessed with candy, just like us, and they get decked out in extravagant costumes and post group selfies on Instagram — only they get a few more likes than we do. See how you like some of the best celeb costumes from Halloween 2015 below.

Heidi Klum is easily this year’s winner. She went all-out getting into character as the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit, who isn’t bad; she’s just drawn that way:

Colton Haynes comes in second, with his ultradedicated Ursula costume from last weekend:

Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris’s family came out in full Force:

Taylor Swift sang “Let It Go,” a song with which you may be familiar, with Idina Menzel:

LeBron James got in touch with his purple side. Hopefully, Prince doesn’t sue him for infringing on his singular aesthetic:

On the other hand, Justin Bieber got his Will Ferrell on:

And Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer channeled Romy and Michele:

While Anne Hathaway was a unicorn:

The Rock found out “One Size Fits Most” isn’t actually true:

And speaking of form-fitting, Nicki Minaj went out as a “fairy fkng princess” [sic]:

But Ellen wins for the best Kardashian costume:

Though Kelly Ripa’s isn’t so bad either:

North West wins for best costume by a Kardashian, junior division:

This year’s best Viola Davis costume and the most-adorable-overall costume, period, goes to Davis’s daughter, Genesis Tennon:

But nobody was as super as Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, and Co.:

Jennifer Lopez tried to emphasize her bone structure:

While it was cat-hat time for Channing Tatum, joined by his similarly feline wife, Jenna:

Hugh Jackman went full Nintendo, hopefully to a rave:

We’ll let Katy Perry drop the mic:

But not before Jessica Simpson and her husband went full Lampoon on us:

Also embracing the spirit of couple’s costumes, Kevin Hart and his wife went for a ‘90s-era aesthstic, courtesy of Martin:

Conan went for fewer laughs and more brains:

File Nicole Richie’s look under the spooky-scary category as well:

Tyra Banks went all-out with her Richard Branson costume, wistful staring and all:

Fergie and Josh Duhamel opted for haute couture looks:

Kendall Jenner got the same memo:

Miley Cyrus, being very Miley Cyrus:

You better not mess with Gwen Stefani’s cowgirl:

Aziz Ansari has some pretty enviable locks:

While John Mulaney has some pretty enviable facial hair, right out of the Wes Anderson universe:

Ryan Reynolds, ever the swell guy that he is, dressed up as his Marvel character Deadpool. The kids were blissfully unaware of his true identity:

While Kim Kardashian went as … Kim Kardashian. We can’t say we’re surprised.

Heidi Klum As Jessica Rabbit Wins Halloween