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Vincent Kartheiser (a.k.a. Pete Campbell) Is Borderline Unrecognizable As a Pilgrim In a New Gritty Thanksgiving Origin Story

After Batman Begins, it seems that every major character has to get a gritty origin story. Now it seems that even holidays are getting gritty origin story reboots, as National Geographic is airing a more realistic retelling of the origins of Thanksgiving this weekend called Saints and Strangers. (Don’t expect any paper hand-turkeys.) It stars Vincent Kartheiser, best known for his portrayal of Mad Men’s most punchable weasel, Pete Campbell. Kartheiser has traded in the slicked-back hair and blue suits for a big, burly beard and long tendrils of hair; he sort of resembles a young version of Vincent Price’s insidious Witchfinder General. Speaking with GQ, Kartheiser described his character, William Bradford, as “a man who has a turn”:

There’s a turn in his story where there really is no right choice. The right choice eludes him, and this is a man who believes the right choice is always obvious. Once he became a religious person, the road always seemed clear to him. He gets tested like he hasn’t been before when he comes over. I guess that’s something that I feel I can portray.” 

Sounds like Saints and Strangers could join the pantheon of great Thanksgiving features. Gobble gobble.

Here’s Vincent Kartheiser As a Gritty Pilgrim