James Taylor Updates ‘Fire and Rain’ on Colbert, Making You Wonder Where He Saw All That Fire and Rain

When James Taylor sang “Fire and Rain” back in 1970, most people assumed the fire and rain were metaphors for Taylor’s struggle with addiction and fame. It turns out we were wrong, which makes us wonder: Where in God’s name was James Taylor living? Why was there so much fire? Luckily, Taylor has seen a ton of stuff since then, including the Baja Men, Snakes on a Plane and most of Friends, which he explained in an excellent deadpan on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night. Good for him. Living in a temperate climate might explain the rain, but it’s just not healthy to see that much fire. Bad for the eyes. Boils them like eggs, you’d imagine.

James Taylor Updates ‘Fire and Rain’ on Colbert