Jason Aldean Wore Blackface as Lil’ Wayne on Halloween

Halloween was more than a week ago, but it’s never too late to find out which celebrity couldn’t resist mocking an entire race with their costume. A photo of country megastar Jason Aldean has popped up on country blog Nashville Gab, where he’s pictured in blackface and fake dreads. Astonishingly, even worse: He isn’t denying that it’s him. A representative for Aldean has confirmed the photo is real and that he was “dressed as rapper Lil’ Wayne.” His rep hasn’t, however, confirmed that Aldean darkened his skin, although it’s clear from the photo that he has. The country singer has yet to issue an apology for his 100 percent not-accidentally racist costume, but he may want to start with Lil’ Wayne if he does: Aldean and Wayne are two of Tidal’s artist-owners, meaning Aldean appropriated his own business partner.

Jason Aldean Wore Blackface on Halloween