Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Kissed Natalie Dormer on the Hunger Games Red Carpet Last Night

Red carpets are hard: You have to weave through hordes of celebrity traffic, remember who made your dress, make sure the cameras get all your best angles, and make all your celeb friends feel as awkward as humanly possible. Jennifer Lawrence sometimes fails at a lot of those things, but at last night’s Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 premiere in London, she was on top of her awkward game. Whilst Natalie Dormer was mid-interview, Jennifer went in for the kill, approaching the Game of Thrones star for what was likely meant to be a quick smooch on the cheek. But because it’s J.Law, she accidentally locked lips with her co-star, leaving Dormer with “a bit of Jennifer Lawrence” on her face. Never wash that face again!

J.Law Accidentally Kissed Natalie Dormer