Jennifer Lawrence Remembers That Time Amy Schumer Did Her a Huge Solid and Let Her Dance on Billy Joel’s Piano

Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful, Oscar-winning multimillionaire, a woman whom people would seriously consider blowing off Billy Joel for, and she still thinks Amy Schumer was doing her a giant favor by including her in their infamous “Uptown Girl” concert moment this summer. Apparently, Schumer invited J.Law and prevented her from bolting from the stage. “She didn’t have to share that piano with me, and she did,” Lawrence says. Girl, give yourself some credit here! That time you danced on Billy Joel’s piano was the best day of everyone in the audience’s life. It was the best day of Billy Joel’s piano’s life. It was the best day of … well, Billy Joel has had a long and illustrious career, but we’re sure he loved having you there! 

Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Best 2015 Memory