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Jennifer Lawrence Addresses Her Most Embarrassing Moments, Explains Why She Falls Down All the Time

Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games press tour continues, and she has saved her most mortifying moments for The Tonight Show. In fact, she shares the top two most embarrassing experiences (and she has so many!), one involving Francis Ford Coppola and the other with someone she thought was Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, these stories allowed fellow J.Lo looky-loo Jimmy Fallon to talk about that time he embarrassed himself in front of music legend Clive Davis. Ah, all in the day of being adorable and famous.

Lawrence also addressed the truthers out there who think she’s just faking her falls. Nope! She just has terrible foot-eye coordination. The cast is doing a full-court press on this issue: On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Lawrence’s co-star Liam Hemsworth also addressed the constant falling. In fact, he’s borne witness to one of those incidents, which really just registered a minor tremor on the Jennifer Lawrence Embarrassment Scale.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Embarrassing Moments