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Joanna Newsom Gives Larry King His Very First Harp Lesson, Human Race Goes, ‘Aw!’

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Joanna Newsom. Photo: Stefanie Keenan/2014 Getty Images

Larry King has interviewed harp shredder and human dictionary Joanna Newsom for his web series Larry King Now. He was evidently thinking what anybody would be thinking in such a scenario: What kind of interview will this be if it doesn’t include some sort of lesson? Fortunately, Larry does not disappoint and is a firm believer in the fact that it is never too late to pick up new hobbies. Here’s an appetizer of said lesson, which will either brighten your day or make you Google “How much does a harp cost?” or both:

Of the interaction, the speed demon wrote:

Made history today: played a harp for the first time in all of my (almost) 82 years! Thanks for the lesson, #JoannaNewsom. Airing 12/14 #hardwork #artsy #lovemyjob #lyrics #hustle

The full Newsom installment airs December 14; you’ll be able to watch it here. Just in time to figure out if this really is or isn’t the holiday season for gifting harps.

Watch Joanna Newsom Teach Larry King the Harp