John Cena’s Military-Inspired Reality Show Will Get You Off the Couch (Maybe)

John Cena is going to make you get physical. Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

It’s no secret that Americans love to watch feats of strength, so Fox is getting some skin in the muscle game. John Cena will host a military-inspired reality competition show called American Grit that will bring a group of super-fit civilians together to do military-grade training and survival-themed challenges. Cena will be joined by a group of mentors called the “Cadre,” who will get these (again, probably already very fit) people battle-ready. First, they’ll be split into teams, where the winning team will be safe from elimination. The rest will fight it out in a final obstacle course called the “Circus,” where the weakest person will be eliminated. Sounds fun! We’ll be watching, Nutella jar in hand.

John Cena to Host Fox Reality Show American Grit