Jon Benjamin and Leo Allen Developing ‘Jon Benjamin’s 100 Erotic Nights’ at IFC

Jon Benjamin has a new comedy in the works at IFC. The network announced today that it’s currently developing Jon Benjamin’s 100 Erotic Nights, a comedy from Benjamin and Leo Allen (Nathan for You, Review, Jon Benjamin Has a Van) that shoots a pilot presentation this week in New York City. Here’s the description of the show from the press release:

Jon Benjamin stars in and narrates this comedic and wild anthology series of 100 very personal, lurid tales of secret passion, burning desire and ruthless betrayal. Benjamin’s narrator is overcome with confessions of love, lust, romance and sex, from the local waitress to a church nun, to a lover who’s revealed to be a robot. The narrator exists solely to “bare” witness to all the passion in the world around us, while never benefitting from it himself.

PFFR’s Alyson Levy, John Lee, and Vernon Chatman will co-executive produce alongside Benjamin and Allen. “I always wanted to make a show that my kid could watch and I’m thrilled that IFC has given me this opportunity,” said Benjamin on the news.

Jon Benjamin and Leo Allen Developing ‘Jon Benjamin’s […]