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Lip Sync Battle: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Previews Energetic Take on Usher’s ‘Yeah,’ But Give Us ‘Rhythm Nation’ in Drag Already, Baby

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has returned to Lip Sync Battle to reclaim his place as the rightful king of celebrity lip-syncing before Anne Hathaway busted in and snatched his crown. He faces off against The Night Before co-star Anthony Mackie as their fellow co-star Seth Rogen commentates like a perverted uncle at a Christmas party. From the promo, we know that he will be lip-syncing Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” in drag, so this is probably his chill number. The episode airs Thursday, November 19, and we’ll be back in the morning with our post-match analysis.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does Usher’s ‘Yeah’ on LSB