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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is a Drumming Animal, Like From the Muppets, He Drums Like Animal From the Muppets

Now we know what Joseph Gordon-Levitt does when he’s not practicing lip-synchs in the mirror: He drums. As he told James Corden on The Late Late Show last night, JGL taught himself how to drum without even having a kit. It appears he also taught himself to drum without looking in the mirror, because he is a silly drummer — just a mess of arms and sticks. If JGL starred in Whiplash, the movie would’ve been much shorter, because 30 minutes in J.K. Simmons would have had his face all close to the kit (as he does) and drumstick shrapnel would’ve flown and stabbed him in the eye, leaving his character to need an eyepatch, the site of which would be so scary that everyone would quit playing jazz — [fade to black] — “The End.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Drums Enthusiastically