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Justin Bieber Corrects Fan’s Clapping, Has Bright Future As Preschool Music Teacher

Do you want to hear what EDM has done to our youth? Watch this video of Justin Bieber performing “What Do You Mean” for a bunch of Spanish fans. They all come in hot with their claps on the one, because that’s when the beat kicks in. But claps live most comfortably on the two. Play along if you want: 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, stomp-clap-stomp-clap. Now do the same, but clap-stomp-clap-stomp: weird, right? It’s a great lesson to learn, and we are happy Bieber didn’t just get up and leave. Not to mention, this was after he already fulfilled his community-service requirement. Great work! No word yet if Bieber is going to ask his fans to bring their recorders to his Italian shows so they can learn how to play “Hot Cross Buns.”

Justin Bieber Corrects Spanish Fan’s Clapping