Justin Bieber’s Rain-Soaked AMAs Performance Will Keep the Sadness GIF Factories Stoked for Weeks

At this point, Justin Bieber, pop star, and Justin Bieber, purveyor of GIFs to use when you just miss the subway, have become one and the same. After a teary-eyed VMAs performance, Bieber blessed us with yet another repository of images that easily represent how you feel when Starbucks is out of pumpkin-spice lattes. The Biebs started things off with a medley of “What Do You Mean” and “Where Are Ü Now,” but the big moment came with “Sorry,” during which the singer emptied what’s left of California’s water supply onto the L.A. Live stage — all so that you can have the perfect response for when your DVR messes up its recording of The Good Wife.

Justin Bieber Made It Rain at the AMAs